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Double Red KNOCK OUT® Rose

Double Red Knockout Rose

Flower:  Full double red flowers throughout summer and fall.  The Double Red KNOCK OUT® Rose is almost always in bloom.  It seems to have a shorter period of rest between heavy flowering times than 'Knockout'.

Size:  3-4' in height and 3-4' in width.  This variety is a vigorous grower and could grow more than 4 feet if it is unpruned.  Very fast growing in the spring.

Foliage Color:  Dark green with reddish-purple new growth. Very nice and clean.  Vigorous growth can be expected.  Very nice purplish fall color.

Hardiness Zones:  5-9.  Double Red KNOCK OUT® Roses perform well in most of the US.

Light Requirement:  Performs great in both full sun to part-shade.  Better growth and flower production in the sun.

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate, prefers moist well-drained soil.  Summer watering of KNOCK OUT® Roses keeps them blooming heavily.

Notes:  This is a patented variety and propagation is prohibited.  Hybridized by William Radler and introduced by Conard-Pyle Co. and Star Roses. Very disease resistant.  Many new hybrids don't live up to the hype, but this one exceeds it.  Re-blooms every 3-5 weeks.  Very widely available.  This variety should surpass sales of KNOCK OUT®, because the foliage and flowers are nicer.  Best selling shrub in the trade.