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'Sky Pencil' Holly

Sky Pencil Holly

Flower:  A small white insignificant flower in early spring followed by a small insignificant berry. Now on to the good stuff.

Size:  Easily maintained between 6 and 10 feet tall. Very narrow growth habit.  1.5 to 3 feet in width.  Moderate growth rate.  With spring fertilization and additional summer watering, maybe one foot of growth per year in the ground and possibly more in a container.

Foliage:  Shiny green foliage.  This evergreen shrub has very nice foliage, especially during spring growth.

Hardiness Zones:  6-8.  Probably best in zone 7 only.  I have seen websites selling these to people from zone 5-9.  It will die in zone 5, struggle in zone 6a, certainly needs some winter, which rules out zone 9.  Great container plant for the summer anywhere, so use it as an annual in those places.

Light Requirement:  Full sun to part-shade.  Additional water is required in full sun in the summer.  This plant will not wilt when stressed.  It will just defoliate and die.

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Additional water in the summer during very dry periods is necessary.

Notes:  'Sky Pencil' Holly is very widely available.  Pricing is all over the place. The boxstores act like this plant is a grafted maple gathered in middle-earth and they will run out soon.  Honestly, this one of the easiest plants we grow.  We sell them for $12.00 in a 3 gallon pot at our retail location.  I have seen them for $50.00 in that size pot.