Earthworks Nursery

'Carissa' Holly

Carissa Holly

Flower:  None

Size:  3-4' in height and Width. 'Carissa' is an evergreen dwarf holly.

Foliage:  Great shiny foliage that is edged in yellow.  This evergreen variety is very nice with near perfect foliage year-round.

Hardiness Zones:  7-9.  Probably 6b as well.

Light Requirement:  Full sun to part-shade.  I have seen this variety growing in almost full shade, but not quit as vigorous.  Very full dense growth with any sunlight at all.  Mine are on a south facing foundation and are perfect year-round.

Drought Tolerance:  Very drought tolerant. I have never watered my 'Carissa' Hollies since they were planted 16 years ago.

Notes:  Very low maintenance plant that makes a perfect foundation planting. Can be easily hedged. Very nice foliage and tight growth habit.  The leaves have a single point on the end.  They will occasionally try and revert to multi-spined; those pieces should be cut out.