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'Kleim's Hardy' Gardenia

Kleim's Hardy Gardenia

Flower: White, Very Fragrant single flowers in early summer.  Some residual flowering until frost can be expected.  Flowers more heavily than most varieties.

Size:  3' in height and width.  Roundish shape

Foliage:  Shiny dark green roundish leaves on this evergreen.  Very nice foliage on 'Kleim's Hardy' makes it one of the most widely used varieties.

Hardiness Zones: 7-10

Light Requirement:  Full Sun to Part-Shade. 

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Well drained soil is best.  If planting in clay mix with pine bark soil conditioner and raise plants above the grade.

Notes: Kleim's Hardy is reputedly more cold-hardy than other Gardenia varieties.  It has single flowers instead of the typical double flowers, but it tends to bloom over a longer period of time.  Very low-maintenance.  Very widely available.