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'Frost Proof' Gardenia

Frost Proof Gardenia

Flower:  Very fragrant double white flowers in late spring and again in early fall.  Although not a full double flower it is very nice and closer to the traditional flower than 'Kleim's Hardy.  Not as many flowers in the fall, but it will always have some.

Size:  3-4' in height and width.  Very dense dooming habit.  In the sun, 'Frost Proof' needs almost no pruning to maintain a very dense growth habit.  Great foundation plant that needs little pruning.

Foliage:  Beautiful shiny foliage year-around that is narrower than other Gardenias.  This variety of Gardenia is nice with or without flowers. 

Hardiness Zones:  6b-9

Light Requirement:  Full sun to part-shade.  Much tighter growth habit in full sun.  'Frost Proof' will grow in shade spots, but requires some pruning to keep it from being thin.

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Some additional water in the summer when conditions are abnormally dry is recommend.  Gardenias do not like wet feet, but that doesn't mean they need a desert.

Notes:  This is a low maintenance Gardenia. Very nice foliage and tight growth habit.  'Frost Proof' is very widely available, and has become a staple in the nursery business.  Our customers are drawn to this plant with or without flowers. The uniform growth habit makes it a candidate for large commercial applications.