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Dwarf Radicans Gardenia

Dwarf Radicans Gardenia

Flower: White, Very Fragrant double flowers in late spring and some additional flowers in the fall.

Size:  12-18 inches in height and 3-4 feet in width.  Low growing groundcover.  Very nice for edging in front of taller foundation shrubs.

Foliage:  Glossy Dark Green, Evergreen.  Will typically loose some foliage before flowering. 

Hardiness Zones: 7-10

Light Requirement: Full Sun to Part-Shade.  'Radicans will grow in a lot shade with less flowers.

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Well drained soil is best.

Notes:  Foliage is smaller on this low growing spreading variety.  'Radicans' is mostly used as a groundcover or a container plant.  Moist well-drained soil is best for all Gardenias.  Whiteflies can be a problem, but are easily controlled.  Very widely available.  Very popular evergreen shrub.