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'August Beauty' Gardenia

August Beauty Gardenia

Flower: White, very fragrant large double flowers.  Flowers are up to 3 inches across as the plant matures.  Flowers in early summer with residual flowers into fall.

Size:  4-6 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width.  Very dense growth habit.

Foliage: Large glossy dark green foliage.  Evergreen.  Some leaf loose during flowering can be expected.

Hardiness Zones:  7-10

Light Requirement:  Full Sun to Part-Shade

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Well drained soil is best.

Notes:  'August Beauty' is larger than many of the newer varieties, so adequate spacing is important.  The fragrant flowers and near perfect foliage make this a very popular variety.  Rapid growth can be expected.  Do not plant in an area with exposure to winter winds.  Very widely available.  Very popular and cold hardy variety.