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'Bicolor' Butterfly Bush

Bicolor Butterfly Bush

Flower:  A long spiked flower cluster with two different colors.  Lavender and orange flowers on the same inflorescence from early summer until frost.  The multi-colored clustered spikes are quit long and full of flowers on this variety.

Size:  8' in height and width.  Some mid-summer pruning will give 'Bicolor' a more dense growth habit.  Plants should be cut down in early spring, because flowers occur on new growth.

Foliage:  Green foliage with silver backs.  Very nice foliage in the spring.

Hardiness Zones:  5-9

Light Requirement:  Full sun to part-shade.  Much tighter growth habit in full sun.

Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.  Some additional water in the summer will help increase flowering.

Notes:  'Bicolor' is a vigorous grower returning quickly every season.  Very nice foliage and tight growth habit.  Very low maintenance plant to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Dr. Michael Dirr introduction.  'Bicolor' is an interesting variety and customers always like it.